Apulia offers to the lovers of the nature a climatic scenery and a suggestive and varied imagery: the azure sky, the splendour of the sun, the enchantment of the sea.
It has an outstanding historical, artistic and religious inheritance which goes from the Magna Greece to the Byzantine period, to the Norman-Suevian period, to the Baroque.
A point of honour in Apulia is its typical pure, tasty cuisine.
All provinces of Apulia (from the north, you find Province of Foggia, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Bari, Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce) are easy to reach from Margherita di Savoia, but Province of Barletta Andria Trani, Bari and Foggia are undoubtedly the best choice if you need to combine relax and culture at the same time.

Romanesque cathedrals and majestic castles from Frederick II, megalithic monuments and the sea air are the most interesting touristic-cultural attractions in the province of Barletta Andria Trani.

In this area, the following cities are worth a visit: Barletta, Trani, with its enchanting Cathedral and Castel del Monte (Andria), UNESCO Eritage site

The province of BARI DA COMPLETARE
Polignano a Mare
Alberobello with its unique “trulli”.

The province of FOGGIA
The Umbrian forest, the lakes of Lesina and Varano, the imposing sanctuaries of St. Michele in Monte St. Angelo and that of St Giovanni Rotondo, where the remains of Padre Pio lie, are the main touristic-cultural attractions of this area which includes the enchanting Tremiti Islands and the old towns of Lucera, Troia and Manfredonia, rich in history and monuments.